one-word prompt: Perfection

By definition perfection is to be free of all defects and flaws.  I think if a person look at anything or anyone over a long enough period of time; imperfections can or may be detected.  It’s funny that every year I glance the magazine at the news stand on people’s magazine and other media and they list the “most beautiful people” in the world.  The next year the person that won the title this year does not win again and again.  I use to wonder if someone found flaws that were not seen before? or is it someone else turn?  There is a celebrity that is plagued with “overexposure” that to me looks like a mice in the face wearing expensive body make up made just for her and photographed as being anatomically incorrect.  Oh the appearance, deception and perception of perfection can be exhausting not to mention costly.

I also found out in my work life that if I have the program, idea or plan until it is labeled as “perfect” until someone else shows up with an idea, now we have  a dilemma.  You get the picture.  I was the prettiest girl in a grade school classroom until a new pretty girl joined our class and so on.  I believe the pursuit of perfection is only in a moment it is perceived as new; once it is shared it is open to other lenses.  I tell my daughter to learn well in life’s school and never stop pursing perfect moments.


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