One word prompt: “Struggle”

I struggle when I fail to plan.  I fail when I do not plan.  It is almost like struggling becomes a apart of the plan.  I even struggle with the truth of why my endeavors fail.  I believe Dr. Vanzant said “if we do not accept truth our soul will suffer.”  I may have botched the quote up like an unskilled surgeon on a trusting patient but hopefully you get the point.

I can hardly recall a time when I did not grapple with myself over one thing or another.  I think I struggled because that is all I saw growing up.  Raised by a single mom; she struggled over everything.  Few things came about without effort for her.  My mom was an only child with very little support after her parents died.  She was too proud to ask for assistance and when she did reach out to family she became disappointed and disillusioned.  She then resolved to struggle in silence.  Over time I developed the same behavior.



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