Daily Prompt: Hopeful

via Daily Prompt: Hopeful

I have used the term “hope” many times in my life.  This time I looked it up on google.  I think I have used it as a noun most often.  Google reads:  hope as a noun is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.  That is, the sickness in me is that I can account for a big part of my life living in great expectation and doing nothing.  Expecting something does not fill anything but clutter in the mind with frustration and longing.  The heart contains incomplete space.

When I looked at the verb tense of “hope” it reads:  wanting something to happen or the case be “she’s hoping to have a published book.”  The question is:  Is she going to write a book?   The Daily Prompt one word;  Hopeful.  There is a whole lot of us full of hope, full of dreams and I think we should put hope in its proper perspective.  Let’s stop anticipating something to happen without using hope in the verb tense.  In other words let’s Do Something.

In my environment hope has been used as a tool for the lazy and the lame.  We simply desire something and wait and see.  Well I am not sure about you but that has left me full of ***+.  There is a scripture in the bible that says something like “hope deferred makes the heart grow ill” are you are well if you get what you desire?   This year belongs to “Hopeful” in the verb tense.  Take action and “Do Something.”

I just looked in the mirror and told myself to “Do Something.”



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