Daily Prompt: Succumb

via Daily Prompt: Succumb

The one word thought of the day was “succumb.”  The word makes me think of “falling  to.”  I do not believe you can succumb to anything in life without being in agreement.  I will not succumb to who you say I am because of the color of my skin.  I will not  agree with you when you tell me I am not good enough because of my background.  If I am not in agreement with you then I succumb to nothing you say about me.  Moreover, you do not know me.

That is on of the reasons why I admire those that fight the good fight for different types of cancer and other conditions or illnesses that are suppose to count them out.   I think they heard what the doctor said, read the medical report, acknowledged what they heard and looked cancer square in the face and said ” I know you suppose to be terminal and I know you are a formable adversary, I even know according to you I will not be here but for a short while to share my story.”  I can hear the person saying “I disagree, therefore I will not succumb.”



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