You’re Hired

I have volunteered for nonprofits all of my adult life.  I have performed tasks doing anything from mopping floors in homeless shelters,  picking up trash off the streets, painting walls in half-way houses, stuffing envelopes, serving meals in parks and shelters,  making phone calls for donations, event planning, facilitating diversity classes, visiting children whose parents are in jail, teaching parenting classes in jail and leading fundraising campaigns.

During those days most people that saw me assumed I worked for the nonprofit agencies in which I served.  That is how I served.  I would put my time, head and heart in the the smallest task as though I was receiving a company salary.  The compensation that  I received was a 100% match by God.  You see, it does not take a big bank account to see a need that hands and hearts can fill.  I knew I did not have the money to take care of all of my community ills.  I often said that I wish I could save every child in all worlds.  So I start with one child after the other and repeat.

I believe as long as people are in need there will always be a job to do.  So when I say “you’re hired” look around there is work to be done.  It does not take much time, the pay is amazing and the feelin you get from volunteering can not be compared.  Someone said there is a bible scripture that reads something like this; the poor will always be with us.”  I say okay; there is always someone to feed.”




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