Write, Right?

Here I go again with the same mindset that I had this time last year and the year before.  Sleeping with thoughts of next year and future goals with a mythical plan.  I convinced myself that I was a writer and was on my way to be self published until I attended undergrad school.  My hopes were dashed.  I had no idea that I could not write how I speak and hit submit.  Sure I learned in grade school: introduction, body and conclusion.  Uh yea, so much more than that.

I have always enjoyed the thoughts in my head about every thing I have heard and seen.  Chances are if you have said anything to me; I would make a story out of it because I jotted down everything.  The problem is I had no method to the process or no process for a method.  I would write on the back of envelopes, post it notes, book covers, magazines and napkins.  Some of the titles were the best that I have heard to date.

The great writers of my time are right.  write about what you know.  I know about not writing.  Actually I have plenty to write.  I think I am either fearful, slothful, or think that I am unworthy to be seen.  So, I will give it 21 days of posting to explore the root cause or add more thoughts to the list of reasons why I can’t write right.



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