I’m back.

I said I would write and post for 21 days beginning yesterday. Fingers crossed. I figured out a few things that prevent me from writing.  You see out of all the writing and note taking I have done over a decade.  I have enough writings to submit to an editor; however I have clothed myself with a blanket of fear.  Fear of acceptance, judgement and simply if I have anything worthwhile to read or say.   When I am not feeling myself as much, I consider this;  if a pimp, skank and a garden variety of misfits can put ink to paper, surely… I can complete a sentence.

I think everyone has something to say or share but are just as fearful.  I hear people say to “do it afraid”.  That sounds practical but when faced with a critical decision that may change a life we default to the familiar of a past experience that consisted of secrets and not sharing how you feel or what has happened to you.  Then you develop an ability to carefully freeze your thoughts and emotions.

Posting tomorrow.  I have something to say.



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