I felt so much stress that I could hardly get dressed.

I applied for so many jobs and submitted countless resumes and transcripts.  The only responses that I received was for a Uber driver or a scam company.  I traveled 30 miles away from home to sign-up for a workforce center that would allow me access to a greater database of jobs that supposedly would match my resume and profile that I uploaded.  That did not advance my search in any way.  The search continued.  I applied for a position on a daily average a dozen pursuits since November 2017.  According to  the Bureau of Labor Statistics I fell in the category of the 4.1% unemployed as of November.

Through this time I had to constantly nurse my ego, humility and patience.  I had to understand that according to a national average that I am only 1 of 6.6 million unemployed people and had to wait my turn.

As the weeks progressed I had to be flexible with salary and title.  I called to order a meeting with myself and said “you may not get the job that you want, so redirect your aim.”  A dreadful thought.  I began to receive calls for telephone interviews that seemingly was going to be promising.  Yet, another BS degree, if you get my meaning.   On the other hand I received interest from recruiters of companies that were almost a thousand miles away.

The most important yet unexpected lesson I learned was that of empathy.  When I was employed I had heard that the average person searching for employment has searched for 6 months or more; with a few exceptions.  I had been searching for a month mentally, spiritually and exhausted.

I recently was hired with an organization that I once applied for when I was currently employed by a different company.  Ironic how paths turn to circles.  This opportunity allows me to create, grow and advance.  I will make the most of it and continue to write.





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