First Dessert

Today, I think I just figured out why I eat my dessert first and fast. I enjoy sweets. They arouse my sense of sight, smell and taste. They awaken me like a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day. So welcomed and refreshed.

That delightful description explains just about every relationship that I have ever had both male and female. I enter the relationship knowing it will not last no longer than a slice of homemade dessert. So I eat fast. Every meal that comes with dessert, the dessert is eaten first. Someone always ask me why and my response is simply. “Just in case, I dislike the meal.”

You see we the people in order to form a relationship of any kind; play wise with the eyes, scent and pallet. We know that if we show our full ingredient list and effects; we will seldom get to dessert. Dessert to me is like really taking the time that it take to truly get to know this person.

I came across a cook book many years ago that was called something like the 3-4 ingredient cookbook. I was hooked and purchased it. For one, the more ingredients in the recipe, the more expensive it is to make and the more time it takes to mix and prepare. It is the same with relationships. Of course this isn’t a rule or thought in all recipes however, the more ingredients the more delightful to all senses.

The time you take to consider the value of time and not try to microwave and instant relationships the more you will see the investment s worth it.

Here are a few listed ingredients you will find behind the pretty or handsome face, delightful fragrance and seemingly good taste. Procrastination, yet I tell you that I make boss moves and claim to be financially stable though I actually live from paycheck to Monday.

No harm done.


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