Prepare children to be successful

What is on my mind is how parents and communities can come together to help this thought become a reality for children of all backgrounds and status.  It is a challenge for children to be successful in some of the so called “normal” home settings.   Therefore it is important for adults to manage their lives in a manner that does not impact their children and their ability to perform above average in schools.  When I say above average; I mean the child’s individual average.

There are so many cues inside of every child that they must meet and exceed.  An active parenting role in the child’s life is essential.  We as parents and caregivers must create a healthy environment conducive to these successes to blossom.  With so many objectives to be met in schools by way of test, assignments, relationships and “becoming” a child will need more than their teacher in school.  The child will need his “first teacher” you.

I have spoken to some of the most “stressed out” and “drama out” parents with financial, daily living, health and other concerns.  They all had the same desire in common; they wanted their child to be successful.  I encourage those of us that are responsible for children to be a good example of what success look like and display it in front of the child daily.  Remember most learning take place through repetition.

What do you think?


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